on making / how i think about all of it:

In my studio practice, I see debris as a resource. Drawing from a stockpile of found materials, tools, and images, I improvise with what is at hand. Through gentle nudges, notices, and gestures, I coax the work into existence-- paying careful attention to the pre-existing character embedded in the material. In most cases, an object’s subjectivity or assigned role is deactivated as soon as it enters the studio space, often spending several months rubbing up against various other found materials before finding a spot in the work. I am interested in the subtle character that a mark develops through various forms of transfer; the forms tend to retain the essence of the source while simultaneously fostering the unpredictable marks of chance. I am equally interested in how utilizing the detritus that surrounds me could indicate an autobiography or say something about experience. I see the studio as a permeable environment, existing remotely anywhere that objects, images, tools, and ideas converge and ask me: “what is possible?”


Zander Raymond

Born 2000, San Diego, CA
Working and Living in Chicago, ILEmail: raymond.zander@gmail.comWebsite: zanderraymond.com

Selected Exhibitions

A Train to my Dream (group show), February 12- 26, Gummies Gallery (inconjunction with Workshop 4200), Chicago, IL
(Virtual Documentation)

Webmaking (solo), February 21 - March 28, Okay Gallery, Chicago, IL

SAIC’s ArtBash Exhibition, One work on display as apart of the Open Callshow, and A performance piece in the Inter-Action performanceshowcase, Chicago, IL

Remote Access (Two-person), B minus Studios (In affiliation withBasement Projects), Santa Ana, CA

“Lil Art Show” (Group), Teros Gallery, San Diego, CA
“Cold Again” (Solo), Artist’s Republic, Anaheim, CA
SAIC ECP Exhibition, Sullivan Galleries, Chicago, IL
The Road Not Taken (Group), Laguna Art Museum, Laguna Beach, CAFeatured Artist, Cove Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA

Group Show, Laguna Art Museum, Laguna Beach, CA

Selected Performances


  • Performance at “Webmaking” (solo exhibition) at Okay Gallery onthe night of the opening in February, Chicago, IL

  • Virtual performance for Cached.Media’s “Longform 3.0” inNovember, Chicago, IL
  • Performance at Open Space (https://anopenspace.bandcamp.com/album/4-28-19) with Bitter Mary, Ben Burden, Birdlabs, andLevinson/Mahlmeister in April, Chicago, IL

  • “Meadow - Physics” at Ox-bow School of Art with Nick Butcher (ofSonnenzimmer) and Gianni Andreatta in June, Saugatuck, MI

  • “Ambient Night” at the Litterbox (Logan Square) with Dan Derks,Kyle Chamberlain, and Gianni Andreatta in October. Chicago, IL2018
  • Performance at Open Space (anopenspace.bandcamp.com/releases) with Andrew C.S. and Dan Derks in October, Chicago, IL

  • Performance at Modular on the Spot San Diego in August, BalboaPark, San Diego, CAPublications / Music Releases2021
  • (Forthcoming) “Separate in Space” by Zander Raymond (set to bereleased by Phinery)

  • (Forthcoming) a collaborative album with Jr and Dan Derks (set tobe released by Cached)

  • (Forthcoming) a collaborative album with Gianni Andreatta andMatthew Sage (set to be released on Cached) 

  • (Forthcoming) “Wants a Diamond Pivot Bright” by M. Sage + Friends(set to be released on Florabelle)

  • (Forthcoming) Full color printed Artist’s book and small objectencased in a screen-printed envelope, Run of 100 (Set to bepublished by Cached)

  • (Forthcoming) Artist’s Book in collaboration with Soup Press2020
  • Collaborative Print with Nick Butcher and Gianni Andreatta includedin Sonnenzimmer’s “Per Diem: Graphics in Time” 

  • “Out of Time” by various artists (Time and Again) (https://timeandagain-eds.bandcamp.com/album/out-of-time)

  • “Interstices” by Zander Raymond (self-released) (https://zanderraymond.bandcamp.com/album/interstices)

  • “Seymour” by Andreatta, Raymond, Sage (Cached.media)collaborative project with Matthew Sage (M.Sage) and GianniAndreatta) (https://cachedmedia.bandcamp.com/album/seymour)

  • “Sunday Driver” by Fightmaster (Proun Press) collaborative projectwith Omar Akrouche (https://fightmaster.bandcamp.com/album/sunday-driver)

  • “Quiet for Quiet” by Fightmaster (Proun Press) collaborative projectwith Omar Akrouche (https://fightmaster.bandcamp.com/album/quiet-for-quiet)

  • “I went over and over it; our thoughts went round and round“ (self-released) collaborative album with Gianni Andreatta (https://giannidandreatta.bandcamp.com/album/i-went-over-and-over-it-our-thoughts-went-round-and-round)


  • “Spiel” (self-released) collaborative album with Andrew Shike andGianni Andreatta (https://aszrga.bandcamp.com/album/spiel)

  • “A Pattern Emerges” by Zander Raymond (self-released) (https://zanderraymond.bandcamp.com/album/a-pattern-emerges)
Selected Projects

• Proun Press (2017-2020) (prounpress.bandcamp.com) is acollaborative project between Zander Raymond and OmarAkrouche. We make sound and art objects for the affirmation of thenew, We release homemade electronic music made by people inChicago and beyond. 

Selected Fests / Fairs


  • Monster Draw, Artist’s Republic, Anaheim, CA

  • OC Zine Fest, Anaheim Public Library, Anaheim, CA
Education / Internships
  • Interned at Artist’s Republic Gallery. Helped hand out flyers andinstall numerous shows in 2016. 

  • Early College Program Summer Institute at the School of the ArtInstitute of Chicago 2017. Enrolled in Experimental Drawing Course.

  • Current BFA candidate at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

  • Attended Ox-bow School of Art in Saugatuck, MI in 2019. Enrolled inScreenprinting course.

Grants / Awards

  • Received Merit Scholarship from The School of the Art Institute ofChicago for the Early College Program Summer Institute in 2017 

  • Awarded the School of the Art Institute of Chicago’s DistinguishedScholar Scholarship in 2017. 

  • Awarded a Scholarship from the Festival of Arts ScholarshipProgram in Laguna Beach in 2018 

  • Awarded a Scholarship from the Sawdust Arts and Craft Festival inLaguna Beach in 2018 

  • Outstanding New Artist Award for work included in SAIC’s Artbashexhibition in 2019
  • http://covegallerylaguna.com/zander-raymond/

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  • https://www.lagunabeachindy.com/cove-gallery-bustles-year-end-activity/

  • https://lbhsnews.com/1434/features/artist-profile-zander-raymond/

  • http://m-chicago.thedelimagazine.com/41934/dan-derks-phylum 

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