on making / how i think about all of it:

In my studio practice, I see debris as a resource. Drawing from a stockpile of found materials, tools, and images, I improvise with what is at hand. Through gentle nudges, notices, and gestures, I coax the work into existence-- paying careful attention to the pre-existing character embedded in the material. In most cases, an object’s subjectivity or assigned role is deactivated as soon as it enters the studio space, often spending several months rubbing up against various other found materials before finding a spot in the work. I am interested in the subtle character that a mark develops through various forms of transfer; the forms tend to retain the essence of the source while simultaneously fostering the unpredictable marks of chance. I am equally interested in how utilizing the detritus that surrounds me could indicate an autobiography or say something about experience. I see the studio as a permeable environment, existing remotely anywhere that objects, images, tools, and ideas converge and ask me: “what is possible?”


Zander Raymond

Born 2000, San Diego, CA

Living and Working in Chicago, IL

Email: raymond.zander@gmail.com

Selected Exhibitions


“Braid” at Weatherproof (group) (The Annex), Chicago, IL

“10 Desirous Adjustments” (group)  hosted by Switchhook Projects at the American Back Center, Chicago, IL


“Zander Raymond In the Hole” (solo) Weatherprooof (the hole) 

“Fall Ability” (group) at MAYFIELD, Forest Park, IL

“please return me to the machine” (solo) at Agatha’s in Buffalo, NY 

Installation in the Compound Yellow booth at MDW fair

“Over and over and over again” (group) at The John David Mooney Foundation 

SAIC BFA exhibition 


A garden, A hole (group) curated by Elena Ailes 

SITE curated: Where we are (group), March 29 - April 17, 

SITE galleries, Chicago, IL 

A Train to my Dream (group), February 12- 26, Gummies Gallery (in conjunction with Workshop 4200), Chicago, IL 


Webmaking (solo), Okay Gallery, Chicago, IL

Selected Performances


  • Duo with Lia Kohl opening for Claire Rousay (Empty Bottle Presents at Co Prosperity Sphere)
  • Floating on the Front Range, Boulder, CO
  • Duo with Beth McDonald opening for M.Sage (Empty Bottle Presents at the International Museum of Surgical Science)


  • “Sustain the Drone” hosted by Stretch Metal at Comfort Station
  • Ambient Brunch at Cafe Mustache
  • Performance at Sleeping Village with Moritat & Atticus Lazenby


  • SN (saturday/sunday noise) showcase with Nolan Barry at Buddy inside of the Chicago Cultural Center
  • Virtual Cached Media ESS Showcase


  • Performance at “Webmaking” (solo exhibition) at Okay Gallery on the night of the opening in February, Chicago, IL
  • Virtual performance for Cached.Media’s “Longform 3.0” in November, Chicago, IL

Publications / Music Releases


  • “Secrets from a Squirrel” by Zander Raymond on Florabelle Records


  • “Separate in Space” by Zander Raymond (Self Released) 
  • “Qualia” By Dan Derks and Zander Raymond (Cached.media)
  • To Have Several Lives (released on Sound as Language)


  • “Wants a Diamond Pivot Bright” by M. Sage + Friends 
  • “Facsimiles” by Zander Raymond – full color printed artist’s book and small object encased in a screen-printed envelope


  • Collaborative Print with Nick Butcher and Gianni Andreatta included in Sonnenzimmer’s “Per Diem: Graphics in Time” 
  • “Interstices” by Zander Raymond (self-released) 
  • “Seymour” by Andreatta, Raymond, Sage (Cached.media) collaborative project with Matthew Sage (M.Sage) and Gianni Andreatta) 

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