an hour long performance for "longform 3.0" presented by  in september 2020

Sonic Structures is an exploration of sound, sculptural objects, and performance. Utilizing a modular synthesizer, the interactions between the objects and the performer are scored in real time. The sculptural elements occupying the space were derived from improvisational drawings created while listening to my synthesizer. Similar to the drawings, each patch made on the modular is made through improvisation. Through giving the drawings physical bodies inhabit the space, the performance will act as not only an opportunity for the structures to experience the sonic landscape they were created in, but to acknowledge their precarious stature in the presence of a performing body.

Collaborative performance with Lily Linz

recording of my performance on 10-28-2018. at andrew's "ambient(?) house show" (later referred to as an open space in humboldt park, chicago, il for dan derks album release of less concepts

exhibition  documentation


solo exhibition at okay gallery -- february 21 - march 28 2020

this project investigates the feedback loops within the artist's practice through improvisation in drawing, sculpture, and printmaking.
through the examination of forms foraged from day to day life, and then the composite drawing process that follows the collection of found forms, the artist uses drawing as a way of seeing. the artist is interested in the process of drawing from observation of found forms. specifically how the first drawing influences the following drawing so on and so forth. slowly, the drawing turns away from the outside influence, and into a realm of self-oscillation. when does this stop? when does a drawing become a complete image? In making marks on a surface, you can't deny the mark you made looking back at you, the only way to move forward is to respond with another mark, and another, and another. through the transfer of form from the living breathing world to a surface, there is a loss of information. there is a residue left behind in making these images. the history in a built-up surface, the poetics of small moments where things collide and feel right. there is magic in transfer, removal, shifts in dialogue with objects, contact made with a surface, and the immediateness of mark.

misc. video projects

"tunnel drawing march 22 2018"

recorded footage of making a frottage drawing of the inner wall of a tunnel in laguna beach california. 

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